Professional Development For Teachers

Our goal is to improve the learning outcomes in schools with Professional Development Programmes for teachers.

  • Training Package 1: ICT in Classrooms

This practical workshop for all teachers will give them the confidence to use computers in the classroom to address different learning activities. From flipping the classroom, creative tools to engage higher order thinking skills, assessment for learning and pure mastery of the use of computers.

Training Outline :
• Learn how computers can impact upon learning
• Learn to use the devices.
• Learn to use a wide range of apps to have an impact in their classroom.
•Learn about and use apps to assess learners.
•Learn to create resources to use the next day with a computer.
•Determine next steps for their use of a computer in the classroom.

Kampala Smart School

  • Training Package 2: Raising Reading Results:

Learning how to read is one of the most important skills a child can have before the age of 7. That’s because everything from vocabulary growth to performance across all major subjects at school is linked to reading ability. The Reading Programme by Kampala Smart School has many features that support the teaching of Reading and Writing in a school.

Training Outline :
• Understanding Phonics
• Integrating Phonics in the Lower Primary School Curriculum
• Developing a Spelling Programme
• Teaching Comprehension, Composition and Guided Reading
• Reading Enrichment Activities
• Promoting Reading Culture in a school
• Using Library to Improve Reading
• Using ICT Platforms to teach Reading
• Teaching Creative Writing

Kampala Smart School

  • Training Package 3: Improving Class Performance:

Every school’s overarching goal is to improve students’ performance. This training package is targeted to teachers to improve instructional practice in their classrooms. A cutting-edge synthesis of what works and what doesn't in real classrooms and dozens of teaching strategies that really work are trained.

Training Outline :
• Creating Independent Learners
• Improving Students' Concentration
• Increasing Learner Engagement
• Creating Climate for Learning
• Assessment For Learning
• Supporting Individual Pupil Progress
• Creating effective deep learning and understanding
• Setting Examinations
• Getting the very best exam results
• Visible Learning
• Teaching the 21st Century Student

Kampala Smart School

  • Training Package 4: Managing Behaviour and Discipline

Good discipline and behaviour is the foundation for good learning. This powerful training will equip the teacher with strategies and new perspectives that can be used and implemented in the classroom immediately. During the training, we give teachers and school administrators a wide range of behaviour management strategies that are realistic and can be tailored to your own situation.

Training Outline :
• Boundaries and routines that work
• Keeping students on task
• Tough love and academic rigour • The habits to develop in light of the disciplined approach
• Classroom management during oral work
• Steps in mastering behaviour management
• When things go wrong. Coping with different points of view
• Challenging conversations with parents

Kampala Smart School

  • Our Facilitators

Our team consists of a pool of qualified and experienced educators, all passionate about education and improving learning.

Kampala Smart School

  • We have trained teachers in these schools

1. St. Agnes Primary School, Kisugu
2. St. Louis Nursery and Primary School, Akright Estate
3. Child Africa School, Kabale
4. Hormisdallen Primary School, Gayaza
5. Kempton Junior School, Zzana
6. KinderKare Elementary School, Kitante
7. Imani Academy, Nansana
8. Harvest Academy, Naalya
9. Abusha Junior School, Bombo
10. Mukose Memorial Junior School
12. Kagoma Primary School
13. Budini Boy's Primary School
14. St. Theresa's Lubaga Girls' Primary School
15. Fr. Bodewig School
16. St. Benedict's Grade School
17. Bombo Mixed Primary School
18. Don Bosco Primary School, Kiira
19. Lubaga Boys Primary School
20. Budini Girls Primary School